Price: $126.00 Inc GST

4 Amp Peak 240 Volt - 13.8 Volt Power Supply

The GME PSA Series of Regulated Power Supplies offer quality and superior performance rarely found in power supplies sold in this price bracket. All PSA Series Power Supplies feature rugged steel construction, superior performance and unparalleled reliability with less than 20mV ripple at the continuous rating, making them ideal for all RF and computer applications.

With a vented wrap-around steel cover, high efficiency heat sinks, heavy duty construction and PC board mounted regulator circuitry, the PSA series are quality power supplies with good performance and high reliability.


Over Voltage Protection
In the event of a failure within the power supply which causes the output voltage to increase, the Over Voltage Protection (OVP) circuit will cause the internal fuse to blow, preventing damage to any equipment attached to the power supply.

High Quality Terminals
Strong, insulated screw terminals with metal threads and collars allow positive connection to the power supply's DC terminals and will withstand the rigors of continuous use.

Current Limiting Circuit
If the peak current rating is exceeded due to a short circuit or excessive load across the output terminals, the output current will be limited to a safe level, preventing damage to the power supply.

Thermal Fuse Protection
The high efficiency double insulated power transformer contains a built-in thermal fuse to protect the power supply against over heating or burnout.