Becker - U3SP100WW

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UHF 3-Way Splitter,50ohm

The Becker UHF 3-Way Splitter is used to split the main arterial line into two separate Leaky Feeder Arterials. In doing so the RF power is divided equally between the two resultant arterials. The DC Power may also be routed in various directions by opening and closing the on board jumpers. DC injection screw terminals also allow this unit to be used as a make shift "Power Coupler". Additional jumpers allow the technician to internally terminate the unused RF ports.
The RF and DC Signals present on the "Base Station" port are separated using a passive network. The 3dB SMD splitter and PCB transmission lines redirect the RF signals to the "Main Arterial" and the "Split-1" ports with a minimum of loss. The DC portion is similarly split to the two ports through a set of 3 jumper terminals, one for each of the ports. The "Main Arterial" and "Split-1" ports are driven by passive combiner networks used to re-combine the DC and RF signals. A local DC-Injection screw terminal is also included to act as a power coupler for any or all of the 3 ports simultaneously. The unit thereby takes the DC and RF signals present on the original arterial and repeats (-3dB RF + -3dB DC = max 6dB) copies on to two additional arterials.


  • DC Power Jumper Selections :
    1. Input to All
    2. Input to Main Arterial
    3. Input to Split
    4. Main Arterial to Split DC Power Injection
  • 1. Screw Terminal Facility 50Ohm terminal facility included for unused ports
  • Low Loss - Near theoretical insertion loss to Main Arterial and Split-1
  • 3A DC power through feed facility on all ports
  • Brass block custom connection system specifically for radiating cable systems
  • The electronic circuitry is constructed using bought out and individually certified 3dB broad-band splitter transformers



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