Becker - UBPC100WW

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UHF Bi-Directional Power Coupler with DC

The Becker UHF Bi-Directional Power Coupler is used in radiating cable systems, like the Leaky Feeder System to inject DC power from the system power supply into the coaxial radiating cable. This injected power is then used to power up all the active devices in the immediate vicinity of the power coupler.
The DC voltage is usually sourced from an AC-DC power supply with local battery back-up. The DC voltage range is 5V to 32VDC at a maximum current of 3A. The downlink & uplink radio signals already present on the radiating cable are passed transparently through the bi-directional power coupler. The insertion losses are typically as per the curve provided.
Indicator LED's for power present on the Base Station and Tunnel ports are provided for in system fault finding. DC power may be directed in either direction by making connections to the screw terminals associated with the Base Station & Tunnel radiating cable connections. Alternatively, power may be directed in both directions simultaneously by installing the bridge jumper.



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