Becker - UEOL100WW

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UHF End of Line Terminator

Radiating "leaky" cable systems, in which radio signals are transmitted from a cable rather than from an aerial, can provide two-way radio services in situations where conventional VHF and UHF communications from central areas are not practical. The radiating cable End of Line Terminator is used to prevent unwanted radio frequency reflections presenting themselves within the cable. These unwanted reflections cancel out the wanted signals and radically affect the "throw off the cable". The unit terminates the radio signal in the characteristic impedance of the radiating cable, but does not present any DC current load to the system.


  • IP66 Environmental protection enclosure.
  • High strength connection through the use of brass blocks and compression glands.
  • Ease of installation in comparison to screwterminal alternatives 1451.
  • 50 Ohm characteristics impedance at UHF frequencies maintained across the Leaky Feeder band
  • DC current is blocked in the terminator so that no load is presented to the system


Description Specifics
Frequency Band 100 - 500Mhz
Connectors 1 Brass Block connector
VSWR 1.4:1 (150MHz to 175MHz)
Power Requirement None - Passive



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