Becker - USBX100WW

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Part Number: USBX100WW#

UHF Splice Box

The Becker Splice Box is used in radiating-"leaky"-cable-systems, in which radio signals are transmitted from a cable rather than from an aerial. The Leaky Feeder System can provide two-way radio services in situations where conventional VHF and UHF communications from central areas are not practical. The radiating cable Splice Box is typically used in Mining, Shipping, Tunneling, Motorway and In-Building radiating cable systems. This unit is used to connect two sections of cable during installation, extensions or repairs to Leaky Feeder systems. The Splice Box couples both the RF and DC signals seamlessly between the two joined sections.


  • IP68 Environmental protection enclosure.
  • High strength connection through the use of brass blocks and compression glands
  • Ease of installation in comparison to screw terminal alternatives.
  • Minimum RF loss through the splice point.
  • DC current up to 3A is transferred through the unit.
  • Brass Block custom connection system specifically for radiating cable system.
  • 50 Ohm characteristics impedance at RF frequencies maintained through the splice.