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VHF Leaky Feeder Cable.

Varis' Smart Com 150 and Smart Com 150IS Leaky Feeder Cable acts as an antenna to bring wireless voice, data, video and Ethernet into mines and tunnels.
When installed in a system using Smart Com 150 and Smart Com 150IS amplifiers, RNG-500 cable will provide a guaranteed 30 m (98 ft) off-cable coverage and 500 m (1640 ft) amplifier spacing. Varis' RNG-500 Leaky Feeder cable also provides a flame resistant PVC outer shielding.
Since RNG-500 Leaky Feeder Cable is MSHA approved it can be installed i n Smart Com 150 and Smart Com 150IS systems interchangeably

This cable is compatable with most underground leaky feeder systems, including MRS, MINECOM, MST and VARIS


Inner Conductor: 2.31 0.05 mm (0.091 0.002 in) Diameter,Annealed Copper Wire
Dielectric: 9.53 0.2 mm (0.375 0.008 in) OD,Gas foam injected polyethylene
Outer Conductor: 16 strands x 0.6 0.05 mm (0.024 0.002 in),Annealed copper wire, evenly spacedTape Mylar Tape, as required to hold outer strands in placeduring manufacturing
Inner Jacket: 13.0 0.5 mm (0.512 0.02 in) OD,Low Density Black Polyethylene
Outer Jacket: 15.5 0.5 mm (0.610 0.02 in) OD,Yellow PVC



Identification Markings: Every 0.9 m (3 ft): Varis Smart Com RNG-500 P-07-KA060021-MSHA
Length Markings: xxxxx m, printed every 2 m (6.6 ft)



Minimum Bend Radius: 1 m (3.3 ft)
Max Pulling Force: 140 daN (max 315 m (1033 ft) vertical without support)
Cable Weight: 0.23 kg/m (0.155 lbs/ft)
Drum size: 350 Meters



Maximum Voltage: 48 Vrms (Between center conductor and outer conductors)
Maximum Current Center Conductor: 8 Arms
Single Outer Conductor: 0.5 Arms


RF Characteristics (all parameters obtained from Manufacturer)

Impedance: 75 3
Capacitance: 51 2 pF/m
Inner Conductor DC Resistance: 0.0045 /m
Outer Conductor DC Resistance: 0.0042 /m
Inductance: 300 nH/m
L/R Ratio: 45.09 uH/
Attenuation: 21.5 dB/500 m @ 175 MHz, 20C