Mining Projects...

For over 20 years Coastal Electronics has provided service to local industry on the North West and West coasts of Tasmania.
There have been lots of interesting and challenging projects undertaken over the period and I've listed a few here.
These are memorable not because of the sometimes many challenges involved with each,
but mainly for the enjoyment of being involved and seeing our efforts come to fruition.

Each article gives a bit of history and information about each site and our role in helping to implement robust and reliable communications.
Acknowledgement goes to the many who helped us achieve success, in particular the miners themselves because
without their support, ideas and good humour we would never have been able to get the job done.
Also to our suppliers notably RPL Raedale and RF industries whose product and engineering support is second to none
and to GME Electrophone who are the only manufactures of two way radio equipment in Australia.
GME produce magnificent products and have worked with us through some difficult issues.