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AE4705TP Features:

Black or White Radome fibreglass construction
Ground Independent
AW4704, 2.1 dBi Gain
AE4705, 6.6dBi

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Rugged, high performance Antennas to suit Australia's harsh conditions

The All Terrain UHF CB Antenna twin pack combines two of our most popular heavy-duty antenna options -
The AE4705B and AW4704B, or AE4705W and AW4704 in a convenient all-in-one package.
Included in the AE4705TP is the AE4705, a 6.6dBi gain antenna, with a rugged, heavy-duty spring base - ideal for communication
across flat, open terrain.

For enhanced performance in built-up areas or mountainous terrain, simply unscrew the AW4705B antenna whip and replace
ith the 2.1dBi gain AW4704B whip. Offering the ultimate in versatility and convenience,
he All Terrain Pack is the perfect solution for 4WD enthusiasts who demand rugged, high-quality accessories.

This allows for interchangeability of whips depending on the operating conditions and application, shorter lengths and lower gain for hilly terrain
and longer lengths with higher gain for travelling on open roads with flat terrain.
The ability to remove the whip and cover with a protective cover (included in the pack) allows the whip to be taken off if not required.
These antennas are a popular choice for 4WD caravans and heavy vehicles.

Also available in White (AE4705TP)

AE470BTB Features::

  • Interchangeable Whips
  • Black or WhiteFibreglass Radomes
  • Heavy Duty Spring Base
  • Ground Independent Design
  • Pre-terminated FME Connector
  • 2.1 & 6.6dBi Gain


477 MhZ
Tunable Bandwidth No tuning required
Nominal Gain dBi 2.1 & 6.6
Tuning Supplied pre-tuned
Ground Dependance Ground Independent
Cable and Connector 4.5 m of low loss coaxial cable. Thread 1/2” BSW
Construction Type Blackor white fibreglass radome with electro polished ferrule (ABL004) and heavy duty stainless steel barrel spring (AS004/B)
Suggested Installation Bull Bar
Whip Length mm 580 MM
Whip Length mm 1050 MM

In the Box

  • Antenna Assembly (AE4705)
  • Antenna Whip (AW4704)
  • Heavy Duty Spring Base (AS004)
  • 4.5m Lead Assembly (ABL004)
  • FME -> PL259 Adaptor (AD503)