Price: $128.00 Inc GST

The AP454 Series is a third generation glass mount antenna for UHF applications. The AP454 features an unobtrusive interior mounted coupling box and a number of whip options.

Convenient - installation and tuning completed in minutes
High gain options available
Broadband - AP454-72-4G provides broadband 3dB gainacross entire specified bandwidth

Model No. AP454-3G

Gain: Unity over a wave
Frequency: MHz 403 - 520
Power: 100 (W)
Tuned Bandwidth: 12 MHz @ <1.5:1
Tuning: Field tune to minimum VSWR
Whip Material: Stainless steel with black high gloss finish
Whip Length: 230mm
Mounting: Glass mount
Cable and Connector: 5.0m RG58C/U - Specifiy

The radiation pattern for the AP454-3G, while clearly a compromise in performance over a 1/4 wave whip, remains a much better option in the UHF band than a misapplied antenna. The nulls in the pattern shown are largely due to the placement of the antenna slightly below the vehicle roof line.

Radiation Pattern