Coastal Electronics for Sale

The Business:

Located in South Burnie, Coastal Electronics has been providing
communications sales, service and support to the North West Coast of Tasmania for over twenty eight years.
Established in 1994 by Shane and Jodie Fuller, the business grew from a small home workshop to a thriving retail and service outlet
in the neighbouring town of Burnie.

At its peak Coastal Electronics supported two technicians, two apprentices and retail staff.
A return to Penguin occurred a few years later when a shortage of technicians forced the downsizing of the business.
Coastal Electronics has continued to service local industry and West coast mining interests, providing maintenance and engineering support.

Our business provides quality Australian products from; GME, RF industries, ZCG Scalar, Codan, and Omnitronics,


We are very fortunate to have an extensive, loyal customer base many of whom have been with us since we began.
Currently about 70 % of our business comes from the mining industry.
This percentage varies depending on local economic activity with customers from all sorts of
sectors including; forestry, transport, shipping and agriculture.

Business Features and Highlights:

Our Business only scratches the tip of the iceberg when considering its potential.
Because we are a husband and wife team we try hard not to take on more that we
are able to handle. Our business philosophy has always been that we should
provide service above all else and once given a task, to do the job once and do it right.
We believe this philosophy has been the secret to our success and has led us to
be engaged in some amazing projects.

We try to only sell what we can service and support locally, or are able to turn around quickly.
We try very hard to support Australian products and manufacturers, because these
products are we believe, equal to and in some cases better than the imported brands.

We are are an authorised sales and service center for GME and are a Silver Partner for Vertex communications products
also supporting TAIT and Motorola products
We are agents for Uniden, Clarion car audio, Mitsubishi rear vision systems and ELSEMA remote products.

As a business we were operating from our home in Penguin. This was done by choice to enable
us to use all our time as efficiently as possible without having to manage a retail premises.
Fourteen years later in 2017 we have moved back to South Burnie into bigger and brighter premises located in Strahan Street

Our business is streamlined by purpose written software which keeps track of our work, sales, Invoicing and stock control.

Our website and online store currently attracts around 3500 visitors a month with a unique ratio of 80%
This site is also used to provide our customers with extra support via a Login System.


Coastal Electronics is for sale as a going concern and includes all service manuals, specialist tools and computers.
We have three service monitors; a Motorola R2000, and two Marconi 2945's. Everything that is Coastal Electronics is included in the sale.

Reason for Selling:

After thirty plus years of being involved in the electronics and radio communications industry, over twenty five of which were spent here in Tasmania,
we would welcome an opportunity to slow down.
This business and clientele have been very good to us but it has taken its toll with regards to not being able to take holidays, spend time with the kids
and to do different stuff.

This business would suit anyone with passion and drive to work in the industry.
Tasmania offers a much slower pace of life, stunning scenery, and fantastic opportunities.

The potential buyer's would have to be suitably qualified in order to make a success of their new venture.
We would entertain the proposition of a partnership from a suitably qualified person/s, but would prefer to make a clean break. We would be more than
happy to work for a while for the new owner to enable a smooth transition and to enable that person/s time to be introduced to our clientele
and to enable them to become established.


Negotiable + SAV