LDF4-50A Heliax

Price: $3030.00 Ex GST

LDF4-50A Low loss Heliax Cable.

Heliax coaxial cables are superior to equivalent braided cables and feature:

  • Excellent Intermodulation Performance
  • Complete RF shielding
  • Phase stability
  • Low attenuation (loss)
  • High power capability

Use in Teleremote applications

The use of HELIAX cables in Teleremote operations can significantly improve signal transmission in long cable runs without having to use an in line amplifier. For example the attenuation for a one hundred meter(100m) run of HELIAX is just 5dB compared to an RG8 sized cable at 9dB, put in perspective that is a loss of just over half the signal.
Using HELIAX is worth considering for fixed infrastructure installations where the Teleremote operators cuddy is located a long distance from the job.



Data Sheet

Suitable Connectors:

L4TNM-PSA Male N Type
L4TNM-PSA Female N Type