GME RP3800 Repeater

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UHF 450-520MHz VHF 136-174MHz
25 watt
2RU high metal cabinet with covers and front panel
Thermostat controlled fan complete with PCB

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RP3800N Rack mount UHF 25 watt repeater

RP3800N Rack mount UHF 25 watt repeater

High power 25 watt UHF 450-520MHz repeater for voice and data

The RP3800N was developed from the highly successful TX3800TN series UHF transceiver as a low cost yet extremely versatile commercial repeater.
The RP3800N is a narrow band (12.5KHz channel spacing) 25 Watt 450- 520 MHz 19" rack mounted repeater system, ideal for use in remote sites.
The RP3800N incorporates many features not normally found in such a low cost unit. It addresses the specific needs of individual users while
retaining commonality with the GME range of commercial radio products.
The modular construction of the RP3800N makes it easy to install either as a desktop unit or in a multiple repeater rack arrangement.
The 19" rack mounting has the added advantage of allowing easy field servicing. By utilising the inbuilt Telemetry Control, the operator can monitor
and control the unit from a remote location. The following parameters can be accessed from the remote location:
Received signal strength from both transmitter and receiver radios, Internal temperature of both transmitter and receiver radios,
transmit power of both radios, battery voltage being supplied to each radio, remote enable/disable of the repeater system and on/off toggling of all 5 CTCSS access codes.

The RP3800N can significantly improve communications in installations such as hospitals, construction sites, shopping centres, hotels and
rental operations with it's unique inbuilt software features.
Combined with the TX36XX, TX38XX and TX7200 series an operator has a sophisticated, flexible and cost effective communications system.


  • UHF 450-520MHz 25 watt
  • 1 x RP3820PCB interface board
  • 1 x 2RU high metal cabinet with covers and front panel
  • Thermostat controlled fan complete with PCB

Supplied With

Repeater radios (TX and RX only) link radio additional
program and alignment included and housed in IP67 NANUK case.

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  • Antennas
  • Speakers
  • Microphones
  • Power Supplies
  • Brackets