Price: $206.00 Inc GST

Switch Power Mode Supply

25 Amp Peak 240 Volt - 13.8 Volt

This high current , fixed voltage, regulated switch mode power supply is built with,
Over Voltage Protection for safe-guarding voltage sensitive load. High efficiency cuts the running cost
and dynamic Power Factor Corretor (PFC) maximises the main's available power. Suitable
for applications in telecommunications such as radio equipment, RF amplifiers, and other high
current applications like car audio and battery charging...
The high grade Screw On output terminals are on the back panel of the console while the
power on off switch and the bi-colour LED indicator (Power On /Overload) is at the front.
The variable speed thermostatic control cooling fan ensures quiet operation of the power
supply in medium load condition.


  • No radio interference
  • Constant current protection
  • Fine tune 13.3v - 14.5v
  • Variable thermall controlled fan
  • Can be used to charge batteries
  • Bracket kit provided
  • CE/LVD